Welcome to Pooch Paws.
Work long hours?  Going on vacation? 

Pooch-Paws is a dog care service that will cover your tail! 
We offer: walking, pet sitting or any caregiving your pooch needs.


Why should you walk your dog?  Dogs are just like humans.  Exercising energizes your pooch’s mind, body and spirit.  Behavioral problems are the result of isolating and ignoring your dog’s needs.

Rates // Dog Walking

Pooch Paws Royalty - $60/one walk, $120/two walks

1 or 2 thirty minute walks

When your agenda book is full and you leave home feeling guilty about your pooch that needs constant activity have no fear!  Pooch-Paws.com is here!  This package includes a poop scoop with every visit to your home.

The GRRReat Escape - $40/one walk, $70/two walks

1 or 2 thirty minute walks

Your part-time schedule is not allowing your pooch to receive the healthy amount of exercise he deserves. This packet allows us to help fill in for you.

Tail Waggers -
$25/one walk, $45/two walks

1 or 2 thirty minute walks

If you’re already giving your pooch some exercise but nee a part-time walker to fill in for your pooch’s needs hen this is the right package for you.

Rates // Dog Sitting





Rates // Other

Pet Sitters Home - $40/day, add $25 for each additional dog

When you’re going on vacation or traveling for business, treat your pooch to Pooch-Paws dog sitting!  This includes poop scoops, feeding and water refreshing.

Single Walk, 30 min.

Dog Park Trip, 45 min.