Albane was wonderful with Tramp. She took great care of him and made sure all of our needs were met while we were on vacation. She is incredibly responsible and attentive. Her house is immacculate both inside and out. The dogs have free reign of the house and a special doggie door for whenever they want to go outside. She walked our Tramp twice a day and also took him for a couple of runs. - Max E.
Albane is a dependable, trustworthy, kind individual that anyone can feel comfortable entrusting their dog for a walk with her. I have a 95 pound german shepherd that most people feel intimidated by. My dog was no problem for Albane. She immediately connected with my dog and he felt comfortable with her. It’s difficult to find someone to care for any pet, but particularly difficult for those of us who have a large dog. - Denise A.
Hello, I have known Albane for over 20 years. She is an exceptional friend as well care giver to dogs. Anyone who loves there dog can trust Albane to not only keep your family member safe while in her care, but to also give them TLC while you are away. Anyone would be lucky to have Albane care for their pet. - Cathy M.
I’ve known Albane for over 25 years as both a neighbor and a close friend. I’ve never known anyone as devoted to their pets as she is to her dogs. She’s always had dogs in her home for as long as I’ve known her, and she loves and cares for them as if they were her children. In fact, Albane loves all animals and is an exceptionally caring and compassionate person, as well as being an extremely responsible person. Her home is warm, organized, and immaculate - a true expression of her own self. I can’t imagine anyone with whom I would entrust the care of my pets more than Albane. - Susie H.